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All three services would continue to email me new profiles every day. Jeff Goldblum isn’t going to date someone who wears what you wear to work.” My date with Mench Tastic kept me preoccupied the rest of the day. I bet he has sexy hands—strong, veiny even, but soft.I was sitting at my desk at work when sent me a similar reminder message, this time highlighting Mench Tastic, and his profile immediately grabbed my attention. I sat through a client meeting discussing the usability of a website, and all I could think about was his photo gallery. I looked at my watch more often than I should have, waiting for the meeting to end.It is believed that at the time there were around 60 defensive towers in the area between Vrhnika's nearby villages of Verd and Zaplana and the town of Logatec.In the Middle Ages, the site of the present Vrhnika was occupied by a village called Oberleibach, whose first mention dates back to the 12th century.While both characters were heavily involved in Spidey’s world, they didn’t really have too many connective tissues between each other.Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat is a cat burglar/anti-hero/straight up villain with oddly defined bad luck powers and a taste for expensive things.If it’s a normal meeting of friends you can be hours late and no one bats an eyelid.Being a foreigner you’ll probably still be the first to arrive. Lunch booking – be as close to on time as possible. A lot of people cheat and a lot of people keep each other’s secret about cheating, so be careful about what you want and with who!

Vrhnika is also known as the birth place of one of the greatest Slovenian writers, Ivan Cankar (1876-1918). In the early 20th century, Vrhnika saw the development of industry, particularly wood processing and leather industry. Vrhnika is surrounded by the Ljubljana Moors, remarkable for their natural and historical attractions.

That isn’t necessarily the worst thing for these two characters, who were both created independently from Spider-Man, whereas a character like Venom owes his entire origin to Spider-Man, making that loss of connection a little bit worse for his film.

The only issue I see with a film like Silver Sable/Black Cat (hopefully we get a title soon) is it feels like a forced combination of characters.

The origin and development of Vrhnika, a small town lying on the south-western edge of the Ljubljana Moors, near the source of the Ljubljanica river, are closely connected to boat traffic on the Ljubljanica.

In Roman times, the site of Vrhnika was occupied by a strategically important settlement called Nauportus.

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