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On top of all of that, we have no way of knowing when that photo was actually taken (It could be from Jill's first pregnancy! The Duggars generally don't give much away in terms of their emotions, but in a family of that size, there's bound to be some discord.Many commenters started speculating about the possible cause of the drastic change in Derick’s appearance. “I think it’s from the jaw surgeries all those dentist appointments and pain meds,” shes_def_a1 wrote. Patients are then fitted with an “orthopedic expanding appliance.” The photo below was taken a few weeks after Derick’s surgery.

Jill reported the news with a lengthy social media tribute to her late friend: “We received a phone call on Monday from a friend here in Central America informing us that one of our other good friends (a fellow Christian) had been murdered the day before and that his family had found his body down by the river earlier that morning,” Jill wrote.I am very proud of our dedicated attorneys, investigators, victim advocates, claims specialists and support staff who diligently serve the citizens of Sonoma County.We consistently apply equal justice under the law to protect our community and ensure that victims of crime are treated with compassion and respect.Jill Duggar recently shared a photo collage on Instagram that was meant to be a Fourth of July tribute. Some fans were so concerned that they begged Jill Duggar and her husband to return home.Many of her followers praised her and Derick for their patriotism, but others couldn’t get over how different Derick looks after spending the better part of a year in El Salvador. “Omg come home already your poor husband looks so so sick…

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