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Melyssa was discovered in the late '90s by Little X, who ran into her while she was bartending at a nightclub in...Read Full Story Melyssa Ford is an actress and model who has performed in many hip hop music videos.So basically the blogs can make ish up cuz they got some BS “source???? If you were dating someone and your friends came back to you with every rumor they heard or was printed about your significant other, you don’t think it might tax the relationship?” When they know how to get in contact with you, they don’t, they just print lies. Might make you feel like “This is too much work just to fight for normalcy?She's also on the show BET Style and has been featured in Maxim magazine.She is currently in the online "Girls of Maxim" gallery. Gone are the days when Patti and her matchmaking crew would watch millionaires’ lame-o application videos on a screen in their office.

See a preview inside of chick trying to find a man, and get the deets on Mariah Carey's Thanksgiving with Nick Cannon and her upcoming holiday appearances.But don’t worry, you guys, our pal Patti is the same as always. Eventually, she concludes that Melyssa is still a husband-less loser because she’s been leading with her vagina all this time. You know you’re running low on conversation topics when a guy’s asking you, “So, are you in love with animals?“You’ve got a great ass for days—Kim Kardashian has nothing on you,” she tells Melyssa. She’ll never find a husband if she leads with her body. “Men don’t realize you’re a person when you lead with sexuality.” Could it be that the problem isn’t Melyssa, but that most men are just dumb, creepy pervs? “When you meet a man, does he want your virtue, or does he want your vagina? ” Still, there’s a guy named Jay who seems like a swell gent, and Melyssa picks him for her master date.Normally, I wouldn’t care BUT when you’re trying to have something REAL with someone, and away from the public, it’s this kind of LIE that can throw a monkey wrench in it. ” “They print things with no regard for what that person’s TRUTH is, or what’s going on in their lives.It’s callous and RUDE.” Do you think Melyssa is wrong for being upset at the latest rumor about her or is this just par for the course because of the profession she is in?

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