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I downloaded the following project from github Which basically shows you how to set up a basic package in Laravel 5.However I get the following error: Fatal Error Exception in Provider line 150: Class 'jai\Contact\Contact Service Provider' not found I have contacted the creator and just waiting on a solution from them but thought I would see if anyone else could quickly give me a solution.In the error messages above, the parent directory to the 1304 error is C:\Program Data\.On Windows XP Professional In the 1303 error message referenced above the parent directory is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\. - Improved creation of restore points - Imporved support of Media Player Classic - Improved UI (28 February 2016) - Improved startup speed - Improved speed of USN cleanup - Improved detection of drives - Fixed issue on XP when cleaning recycle bin - Improved scheduled task on XP - Improved UI - Improved polish (15 December 2015) - Improved Chrome cleanup . Improved "last session" cleanup - Improved Chromium cleanup - Improved Orbitum cleanup - Improved Yandex Browser cleanup - Improved "Chrome Plus" cleanup - Improved Superbird cleanup - Improved Black Hawk cleanup (10 September 2015) - Added Microsoft EDGE support . Extensions are preserved in Speed Dial - Fixed issue : no selective Jumplists cleanup for scheduled cleanings - Improved UI - Improved french (8 April 2016) - Improved scheduled cleanup . Fixed issue for scheduled cleanups asking user input after Priva Zer update. faulty translation file (an error window is displayed when starting the cleanup) - Improved spanish translation v2.24.1 (16 December 2014) - replaced by v2.24.2 v2.24 (15 December 2014) - replaced by v2.24.1 v2.23 (19 September 2014) - Improved Windows log cleanup - Improved speed of web browsers cleanup - Improved Firefox cleanup - Improved Chrome cleanup - Improved Opera cleanup - Improved Sqlite compacting - Added support of v2.22 (16 June 2014) - Improved secure deletion of directories - Improved "Program files" cleanup - Improved scheduled task creation - Improved log files cleanup - Fixed issue : Priva Zer can not start (error message) v2.21 (07 June 2014) - New cleanups of web browsers added . Improved support of Unicode - Improved UI - Improved Microsoft Word cleanup v2.19 () - Improved secure deletion .

All the problems I've had with the refresher seem to stem from old files left after a re-install. If nothing else, the Win7 searcher is a fair sight better than its Win XP counterpart. Remove ALL files and folders from the original install location, empty recycle bin(shouldn't need to, but can't hurt) 3.

TCGplayer will bear the risk of credit card fraud (i.e.

I just heard that trading was up and I wanted to get back into ptcgo, but I ran into a problem. All the problems I've had with the refresher seem to stem from old files left after a re-install. I don't know why that's the default place for installing PTCGO, but it's certainly not a good place.

For a First-Class package the maximum Estimated Delivery Date is 8 business days.

Shipped with Tracking or Confirmation and has an “In Route” Status If a package is not delivered by the end of the expected delivery date quoted on TCGplayer -- -- the Seller should submit a case with the USPS either via their Online Form or by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Shipped with Tracking or Confirmation and Reporting Shows Delivery and Buyer Claims Item Not Received TCGplayer covers our Sellers fully in the event a Buyer reports a Domestic order as missing but the USPS reports the order as Shipped with Signature Confirmation Tracking and Tracking Shows Delivery and Buyer Claims Item Not Received Contact [email protected] us to investigate the claim.

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