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We are taught from a very young age, for any big decision in our lives, to do our research, conduct a complete analysis and try out different things before picking the one we want to go with.Let’s take the age old dilemna of picking the right job after we graduate from school."Each relative has a specific title and my sister and I call them by that preceding their actual name.My parents’ Indian friends always have an 'Aunty' or 'Uncle' preceding their name; even it they are of no direct relation." Family activities in a South Asian teenager’s life are great opportunities to get in touch with family members, learn more about family culture, and have fun.Hello daters and welcome back to the Modern Muslim Guide to Dating.

Also, it is helpful to connect with teens from similar backgrounds and home life.

Which brings us to the next phase on our journey: Ok, so now I’ve found someone I rather like, how on earth do I introduce them to my family?

Throughout my adolescence, I watched my peers glide through a variety of ‘meeting the parents’ scenarios with relative ease, all the while knowing that this would never quite work in my world.

Then why is this type of behaviour considered ‘wrong’ when finding your potential mate (quite possibly the biggest decision of your life) yet its a given when buying a car, finding a job, or picking which college to go to.

When I was young, I remember my mom telling me once that she really had only four big hopes for me. I reminded her of this other day: “Remember that list you had for me back when? In baseball, that makes me a superstar.” ,” she retorted. Anyway, the conversation came up because we’d independently emailed each other an article recently published in the New York Times “Style” section, detailing the latest hot trend to hit the Times breakroom: Apparently, more and more Asian Americans are defying convention by…marrying Asian Americans.

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It is comforting to discuss problems with friends who have had the same experiences and may know more about how to handle them.

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