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The pure metal is not often encountered in commerce, but is usually alloyed with carbon or other metals. This solid pillar is wrought iron and about 7.5 m high by 40 cm in diameter.The pure metal is very reactive chemically, and rapidly corrodes, especially in moist air or at elevated temperatures. Iron metal is a silvery, lustrous metal which has important magnetic properties. The picture above shows the result from adding iron filings to a burning mixture of potassium chlorate and sucrose. Corrosion to the pillar has been minimal despite its exposure to the weather since its erection.Reliable dating of sediments has several applications in petroleum systems analysis (PSA), such as improving our basin models (e.g. While biostratigraphy can be a very useful qualitative technique for dating sediments, issues can arise where fossil assemblages are strongly facies- or province-dependant.subsidence rates) and geochemical interpretations (e.g. Radiogenic dating is routinely applied to inorganic rocks to determine the absolute age of deposition (e.g. granites), but is less commonly applied to organic-rich sediments such as source rocks.Argon does not react with the filament in a lightbulb even under high temperatures, so is used in lighting and in other cases where diatomic nitrogen is an unsuitable (semi-)inert gas.

It has been more than two decades since diamond ages have proven to be up to billions of years older than their host magmas of kimberlite or lamproite.

Figure 1 An example of an organophilic element (Re) forming an organic-complex.

The Rhenium isotope Os isotope in order to calculate an isochron for the Kimmeridge Clay Formation from Dorset, UK.

Both Re and Os display organophilic behaviour and can form amino acid complexes (Figure 1).

Organic-rich muds are a significant crustal reservoir of Re & Os with concentrations of up to 300 ppb of Re and 3 ppb of Os, more than two orders of magnitude higher than the average crustal abundance (Creaser et al., 2002).

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