Quicken billminder updating overdue otems

I get all my bills paid on time, and can plan my budget now.

In Quicken look for the folder "data." Do not click on the sign for data. If you get NO reminders, you have likely deleted/renamed the correct file. Do another Windows Explorer Search and be sure you have allowed Explorer to display hidden and system files/folders. RMD is probably someplace like: : Documents and Settings Your Windows User Name Application Data Intuit Quicken Data Quote:" Billminder shows 10 overdue transactions_ how do I clear these? It's on your pc, because that's where those billminder transactions come from. It's_on your pc,_because that's where those billminder..."Found QW. It was buried nowhere near my data as you indicated. One of my favorite features is that it will tell you how much you will spend on the next week, two weeks, and 30 days, so I can plan when to make bigger purchases.Tamara shared this quick review of Bill Tracker, an app available currently only for i Phone.

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I've found the budgeting and investment functions a bit too complicated for my needs, but as a bill minder and money tracker, it works well.

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