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in which he discussed the phenomenon of companies trading below liquidation value.In the first article, Inflated Treasuries and Deflated Stockholders, Graham wrote: The reasons for the selling, Graham argued, was primarily “due to fear rather than necessity,” but also because investors didn’t pay any attention to what a company owns – not even its cash.Initial Margin Requirement - The minimum portion of a new security purchase that an investor must pay for in cash. The exchange maintenance margin requirement for short stock positions is currently set at 30%.

, and Should Rich but Losing Corporations Be Liquidated?

He argued that value was associated exclusively with “earning power” and therefore “reported earnings – which might only be temporary or even deceptive – and in a complete eclipse of what had always been regarded as a vital factor in security values, namely the company’s working capital position.” we would not have before us the insane spectacle of treasuries bloated with cash and their proprietors in a wild scramble to give away their interest on any terms they can get.

Perhaps the corporation itself buys back the shares they throw on the market, and by a final touch of irony, we see the stockholders’ pitifully inadequate payment made to them could actually be purchased for 50 cents, plenty of publicity and plenty of buying power would quickly be marshaled to take advantage of the bargain.

All tangible assets – fixed as well as current – are considered while calculating the liquidation value of the company.

However, intangible assets such as goodwill are not included in the same.

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