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The job description for parent says you prep yourself for the dicey stuff kids are likely to ask for.So I was ready for the day my daughter would beg for a fashion doll of notoriously unrealistic proportions, or even for one of those skimpily dressed Bratz dolls.Throughout the song it is implied that God created women to provide for, care for, and love men.I mean, what would men do without women when “Somebody’s gotta be the one to cry”?You'd have to get inside the mind of a teenage girl to understand, I can't help you there.Of course, it's very likely that Just in Bieber is actually going to try to have sex with his fans over Twitter.

“God Made Girls” has a great tune and will get stuck in your head - fast - but the message underlying its lyrics is quite outdated.Take the recently-released song “Different for Girls” by Dierks Bentley for example. so you’re telling me that girls post-breakup don’t have a GNO at the club and sip on their Skinny Girl vodka and trash talk the newest ex-boyfriend of the squad?!Dierks, I’m sorry dear, but you are sadly mistaken.Twitter has become the great leveler in the vast chasm that used to exists between us plebes and the celebrities we adore.In ye olden days, one might have to send a letter by mail to a P. box (ew, stamps) to tell their favorite actor or singer how much they appreciated them.

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  1. By 2005, it had become the number one online service for single Catholics with membership across the world, including the UK, Australia, the Philippines, much of Europe, including Ireland.