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It’s definitely a fan dream come true and not one that I was expecting.This week the J-tabloids are reporting that the couple has continue to progress closer in their relationship as Yamapi was spotted spending several nights in a row at his girlfriend Satomi’s condo.She was in Shitsuren Chocolatier and the Lucky Seven Special with him recently, but also had a part in Kimi wa Pet all the way back in 2003. Though really, with those requirements I think Aiba-kun would be the one in the most trouble. The five members gathered in the back room and did janken to see who would go first. I think this was rather brilliant on his part, though the dripping paint sort of ruined the effect. Certainly there’s no risk that he’ll be childish, but will there be any flair to it? well, he’ll certainly provide a contrast to Matsumoto-kun’s approach.Of course, she was also in Rich Man, Poor Woman with Matsu Jun’s brother-in-arms Oguri Shun-san. Ishihara-san also made things harder on them with the phrase they had to end on, which very roughly translates to “Ah – I want this sort of bride.” It’s such a hard phrase to actually use (especially with a straight face), you can imagine how the guys cringed. I can’t believe after all these years of doing janken, Aiba-kun couldn’t figure out the result. Nevertheless, Ishihara-san was impressed and Ohno-san ended up looking proud of his work. He starts on the marriage talk pretty much right away, and it seemed like the standard Matsu Jun pattern as far as I could see. Even from his mode of dress, though, he seems very college. Rather than seeming like a romantic scene, it had all the marks of a comedy.The video has already been watched over two million times in one week (although, we reckon at least a hundred of those views come from the Rocket News24 office).

Next up was Sakurai-san, who decided to take Ishihara-san out to the movies, though what movie or even what type of movie wasn’t specified.

J-ent continues to cheer on the reel to real romance of top young but of marriage-able age stars Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi.

That they are two of the most beautiful faces of their acting generation certainly fuels the excitement for some sort of visually impeccable progeny, but for me I’m just luxuriating in two of my faves falling in love in real life and after doing a J-dorama that I love to pieces.

Anyway, I’m eager to catch up on what I’ve missed, so expect a flurry of Arashi stuff as the spring season concludes. Do you suppose she looks a bit nervous about this plan? And anyway, this is exactly why I said he was one of the more perceptive members – he walks in with a definite idea of what he wants to do. He explained afterward that it didn’t go as he had conceived it – they were supposed to do shiritori with their heads close and whispering so as not to disturb the other viewers, but that intention wasn’t clear to Ishihara-san. Ohno-san was the next member up, and he found a unique way to play to his strengths.

The guest for this episode was Ishihara Satomi-san, who has primarily worked with Matsumoto Jun-kun among the Arashi members. Actually, she looked nerve-wracked right from the start with a strained smile. And after Ishihara-san explained her expectations for the date – that it should be a romantic date in a pretty place, and something appropriate for their age (not something high schoolers or even college students would do) – it was Ohno-san’s turn to be dismayed. is Matsu Jun the only one who could say it convincingly? Thankfully, it wasn’t fishing this time – it was art. I mean, isn’t he the member who specializes in the straight-up romantic scene?

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