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Ghost Singles has taken the liberty of making sure that if we die single, we won't have to remain that way for an eternity.The site features sultry little numbers that date all the way back to the 18th century.As a child, I would forage through the woods of upstate New York searching for artifacts to add to myalready growing collection of natural ephemera and osteological remnants.As I grew older, my interests gravitated towards the rarer and more mysterious anatomical specimens and medical antiques.

Wondering what you should write in your Ghost Singles bio?Well, everyone seems keen on providing details about how horribly, tragically, mysteriously or suddenly they died, so you could go with that, or if you’re really feeling creative, you could write about how you plan on spending eternity, and how interested ghosts would fit into your plans.Haunting houses together, scaring the life out of small children, that sort of thing.The online dating space is growing, thanks in large part to new niche sites and apps.Practically everybody has heard of and Tinder, but what about Allergic Attraction or

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And we talk to the man who coded Cleverbot, a software program that learns from every new line of conversation it receives..that's chatting with more than 3 million humans each month. It seems questionable that a machine could approach the potency of being human without at least two substitutions: 1. Wow, listening to this show I started wondering if one day soon a computer would be more human than a person with autism. Are telling me you've not even read a Ray Kurzweil book?? Lately the show has been on a downwards slide scientifically. I feel sorry for you, that you will never know what that tastes like.

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