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Grab a box of tissues and curl up to these “Thinking Out Loud” covers you need to hear.Joseph Vincent is a singer-songwriter who hails from Southern California.Yes, they’re great singers, but not so great to put on the cover of Maxim…Urbangermany (his real name is Son) and Gabe Bondoc are fucking AMAZING musicians.Then I realized: Famous actors are often seen as the representatives of their respective ethnicities. So here’s a look at the Asian stars that you know, the ones you don’t, and who SHOULD be representing the Asian male community.You might say something like “Wow, Black men are handsome! ” It turns out that these men serve as the standard for what men of that color CAN look like. ” White men have Brad Pitt, Black men have Denzel Washington, Latinos have Mario Lopez, and Asian men have… Are you trying to tell me that this whole time, Women have been comparing us to Bobby Lee?! _______________________________________________________________________________ Taeyang completely shatters whatever notion you have about Asian male singers.Are you excited for Gabe Bondoc’s first visit to Manila? i'm in LOVE with songs about r&b songs about heartbreak/break up songs.

The following five covers don’t top Sheeran’s adorable music video above, but they are beautiful renditions of the song.

Why can’t women see the potential and sheer awesomeness of Asian men?

Why can’t they see the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of highly eligible Asian bachelors?

One such musician, who has continued to do so for almost 10 years, is Gabe Bondoc. ” After tickets went on sale, he later announced that the show had been SOLD OUT in less than 24 hours.

And now, in promotion of his new album entitled “Twelve,” Gabe is finally paying a visit to Manila for the first time ever. Y'all have shown so much love over the years - REALLY looking forward to seeing you! “I knew there was a lot of love out there in the Philippines - but this is unreal,” he says on an Instagram caption.

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