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The film follows the hopelessly romantic but endlessly misguided Astor (played by Kranz) as he searches for love in Los Angeles.At Lust for Love's Los Angeles premiere, Buzz Feed brought the four together backstage in the green room to talk about the fan-backed film, look back on the biggest lessons learned from Dollhouse's demise, and reflect upon life in Joss Whedon's ever-expanding troupe.The script writing was intelligent (which these days is hard to find). The lead male and female were captivating as actors and had a great chemistry.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Schmidt will play the role of Superman's old foe, Metallo in the new installment.

As fans wait for the new installment, they may get their hands on the upcoming Blu-ray version of season 2, slated to be released on May 3.

Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's dark sci-fi drama, revolved around a black-market organization that rented programmable people — dubbed "Actives" — out to wealthy clients for "engagements" that ranged from sexual and illicit to dangerous and illegal.

star was dating former LA Laker Rick Fox (you know, Vanessa Williams' ex) after the two were spotted together a couple of times in the past month, and Eliza confirmed the news in a recent interview with also revealed, "[Rick] has been very nice.

There's definitely an age difference and they aren't the first two people I would put together.

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