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i am not sure Mike has the say in the adds that google tosses out on a loop... Vince, I couldn't say from what part of the page I copied it. They're putting a lot into "targeting" their adverts more and more, and it is likely they could know (from the content I was viewing) that "hunt" was a topic of interest to me, and thus sent an advert that had that word in it. are you sure you did not pick up one of the GOOGLE adds that appear on the top..Trust me, we're not looking to make a buck off promoting an anti-hunting group.Family Man - Thanks for bringing this to our attention.Any questions, comments or thoughts related to your GSD/dog should be posted to the correct forum.Discussion of politics and similar heated topics is NOT allowed.

We neither endorse nor stand behind these vendors or their claims/products. Discussion in the Chat room is primarily non-GSD related.I share it here because I hope it can help other learn how to do it the easy way ;) I recommend all my client contact me today or so soon as possible !so I can fix a bug on your sites so they can not harm your system ! but if I had not contact you yet please tell me and I will fix it for you (for free) it take me 10 sec to fix it !Today I will try explain why and how important it is for us owner of a dating site use a responsive theme for our members then they visit our websites using a mobile phone or a ipad etc. Give your project a professional look and feel within minutes. The feature-rich theme was built for ease-of-use and tight integration with Vld Personals.

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- They "know nothing about guns" but they object to semi autos being used? Why does this forum's management care to advance their idiocy? But it came right off the face of a page right here in the hunting forum, I can guarantee that. Google ad or not, I still think it inappropriate that his forum should show that link to that crap.

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