Cross cultural dating

Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or marriage, we’ll only introduce you to people who want the same things that you do.Take time to complete the Relationship Questionnaire and we’ll ensure that you’re introduced to people who share the core values that will help to create long-lasting, happy relationships.In my early twenties, I had a long-term boyfriend; we had a great deal in common and were happy together but for some strange reason, I’d put up a block when it came to my religion and cultural identity.My only rational is that I was young and just didn’t want to be different or cause a fuss.

A cross-cultural relationship can be a truly amazing experience.

Here are a few tips to make sure your new relationship gets over those initial hurdles.

Language One of the main causes of conflict in a relationship, especially a new one, is the language differences.

Miscommunication is an issue at the best of times but if you don’t both speak the same language there is a lot more potential for misunderstanding.

If you are both speaking in a third language this can also be difficult because one partner is usually more fluent than the other.

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