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“I know that my clients are going to be sad, because they come in and tell me that there’s no store like this in the world,” the 74-year-old fashion icon told the Daily News.

“But I’ve gotta watch out for my health and myself.” The native New Yorker responsible for making Manolo Blahnik and Oscar de la Renta household names by strapping them onto Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City” revealed Monday that she is shuttering her 4,000-square-foot shop. but I’m getting tired, because the store] has grown to such a size,” she said.

"It happened relatively extensively and regularly." What we know about the history of our species has long been determined by what we can learn from our ancestors' remains.

As recently as five years ago, researchers deduced that humans and Neanderthals had interbred at some point based on the shapes of skulls found in caves or buried under thousands of years worth of soil.

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Includes sea views and neat diagonal seashore lines.In a recent profile on Pääbo, Before modern humans "replaced" the Neanderthals, they had sex with them.The liaisons produced chil- dren, who helped to people Europe, Asia, and the New World.But Blondie singer Debbie Harry and pop icons Beyonce and Miley Cyrus are her favorite A-list clients.Kelly Osbourne, Anne Hathaway, Avril Lavigne and Caitlyn Jenner also lead her list of celebrity regulars.

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